The One Foundation – Comparison Charts!

The One Foundation – a revolution in offering a comprehensive range of foundations for all skin tones!

We have 16 shades to choose from and with help and suggestions from our lovely bloggers, customers and makeup artists – we have compiled this list of comparison shades for you to be able to select the shade for you!

Just to note this is for guide only! Please also refer to the swatches here !


If you know of any other matches that may help other people make sure you comment below!

The One Foundation price : 4.00
Size: 29ml
Buy them on our website or on Superdrug website

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The One Foundation is here – A revolution in offering a comprehensive range of foundation for all skin tones

The ONE Foundation

Say ‘hello’ to The ONE Foundation; the super lightweight fluid foundation that is so fine in texture,  it simply glides effortlessly over your skin leaving you with smooth, natural  matte finish. You are going to be AMAZED!

It’s so easy to apply, and blend into your skin. This fine fluid has been designed as a build-able foundation, allowing you to gain the coverage and tone you want easily. Go from a fresh no make up look to full coverage without your skin feeling tight and heavy, all due to our revolutionary fusion technology making The ONE Foundation effortless smooth.

We have 16 shades to choose from, amazing right! So no more shopping around or paying more, as there will be a shade here for you. We understand skin tone, your skin tone and have developed hues for those beautiful pale skin tones (shade 1, 2) through to rich darkest of skin tones (shade 16). Shop all the shades here! 

Fancy warming it up or cooling it down? Now you can so easily with our two tonal hues.  Use shade 1 to cool and shade 10 to add some warmth.

The ONE Foundation is perfect for normal, combination and oily skin tones

Need to cover dark circles or blemishes? Try our The One Concealer.  Its so smooth in application due to its hydrating properties it wont crease and provides fantastic coverage just where you need it. The ONE concealer come in 3 shades – Light, Medium and Dark.


– Prep your skin with your chosen moisturiser and primer
– Shake The One Foundation bottle well before use
– Gently dispense your chosen shade of The One Foundation on the back of your hand. Remember this is a lightweight fluid foundation!
– Simply apply your chosen shade(s) either with your finger tips or foundation brush all over the face or just to the areas that need evening out and build up as required on any area you would like some extra coverage
– It is so easy to build up coverage from day to night when required, still giving you a natural even and smooth finish. No heavy or cake faces felt here because it is so lightweight

– Apply The ONE Concealer
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The One Foundation price : 4.00
Size: 29ml
The One Concealer price : £3.00
Buy them on our website or on Superdrug website  

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