Guest blog post for Makeup Revolution by – Awesome Metals

When the new Awesome Metals kit from Makeup Revolution dropped through
my door I thought it looked particularly interesting. It wasn’t just a
metallic eyeshadow but it came with a little tray and a little pot of
liquid eye primer. I was intrigued.

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals2
Basically the kit allows you to make your own eyeshadow, not something
I’ve seen from a brand before, but something I was very eager to try

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals
For £4 this is a great bargain of a product, which will help you build
up a really intense and dramatic eye look. It’s really simple to do
too, you just pop a little liquid primer into the tray, literally just
one drop will do, and then pop in your pigments. The pigments don’t
really come out of the little pot without the use of a brush so make
sure you have one near by. You then just mix the pigments with the
primer and voila.

I did try out the pigments on my eye before mixing with them with the
primer and while they are pretty dramatic on their own, with the
liquid primer you can really create something bold and outstanding.
The primer will also help the pigments stay in place for longer than
they would if they weren’t mixed.

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals4
The finished look is sort of a metallic foil finish, really shiny and
eyepopping. It’s got great staying power once it dries as well and is
perfect for a special occasion or a night out. I’d really recommend
giving this a try as there are a few colours in the range to choose
from too. I tested out the Magnificent Copper version, which is a
lovely coppery/rose gold shade but I would love to give the Black
Diamond and Emerald Goddess colours a try.

This is a great little kit to have handy and I’m sure you could use
the primer with other eyeshadows/pigments to give instant drama to
your eye make-up.

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