Mix up your lip life with Makeup Revolution!

Fed up of looking for that perfect lip color? Revolution has it. We have something for to suit everyone and the look you want with our collection of subtle nudes, melting mattes, beautiful velvet’s, intense colour and moisturising #happylips.
So here we want to share with you our beautiful lip way of life!
Lip Preparation  
Prepare your lips well with some of your favorite lip balm or conditioner a few minutes before application. After a few moments remove any excess with a tissue.

Our guide on how to apply your lip colour

– To apply your chosen lip shade, place a good amount of colour onto your chosen brush (lip brush, small synthetic eye shadow brush)  or using the lipstick directly onto your lip.

– Apply your lipstick firstly to the center of the upper lip (cupid bow) using the flat side of your brush to create an outline

– Then apply your lipstick shade to the center of your lower lip and again use your brush o help you follow your natural lip line

– Now apply your your chosen shade across the rest of the lip, working from the outer corners to the center of the upper and lower lip ensuring an even and smooth coverage.


  • Remove excess lipstick using your finger tips by gently patting the lip
  • Using a brush and taking your time will help your lip colour making it last for longer especially if you love those richer shades.
  • Illuminate your cupids bow by using one of our Vivid Baked Highlighters.
  • Want THAT RED lipstick shade we have a shade for everyone, fair skin should wear blue-red shades, olive skin go for more orange based and darker skins choose a deep red or burgundy.
  • For plumper lips add a touch of gloss to the middle part of your lips. Our Lip Power range comes with a gloss and lipstick.
  • Apply some translucent powder lightly to your lips and reapply your colour for a more matte finish.
Our Lip Collections
– We have 30 AMAZING lipstick shades and within that we have 2 limited collections all for just £1.00 each
Vamp – release your inner naughty side
Scandalous for those who dare to be different
Salvation Intense Lip laquers with intense and velvet shades – so easy to apply just glide on and have a great colour lock for that all day colour.mursalvcollection2
Lip Power are great for those who want a lipstick and gloss in one neat little package. There are 6 beautiful corresponding shades to choose from.murlippcollection-2
#happylips and that is how your lips will feel wearing this intensely moisturising lipstick. Beautiful lip shades surrounded with moisturemuramlipcollection-4

We have a shade for everyone click here  to see all our shades,you will be amazed



One response to “Mix up your lip life with Makeup Revolution!

  1. lookbeyondbeauty

    This brand just became available in my country, can’t wait to try it out 🙂
    lets follow each other? 🙂 http://lookbeyondbeauty.wordpress.com/

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