Smokey Eye Tutorial using Iconic 2!

Blanka from Variola Vera Make up & stuff teaches us how to do a smokey eye with Iconic 2 palette!

What you need

Focus and Fix primer – Original


Iconic 2 (1st, 5th and 12th shade)

Amazing Curl mascara

Smokey tutorial-1


Step 1: Prime your lids with the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow primer
Step 2: Line your eyes with black eye pencil (the softer the better). This doesn’t have to be neat or precise. Our Kajal would be perfect!
Step 3: Blend out the edges of the pencil as much as you can. Go all the way to the crease and don’t forget to blend on the lower lashine too.
Step 4: Grab your Iconic 2 palette! Using a dark beige, taupe or mauve eyeshadow and a blending brush, define the crease. This will also soften the look. We suggest shades 1 and 5 from this palette!
Step 5: Apply the black eyeshadow (12th shade) from Iconic 2 over the lid to the crease to keep the blended pencil in place and make the look even more dramatic.
Step 6: Blend out the edges of the black eyeshadow.
Step 7: Soften the lower lashline with a pencil brush and a little bit of the eyeshadow you used in a crease.
Step 8: Highlight the area under the brow with matte light beige eyeshadow from the Iconic 2 palette.
Step 9: Apply a thick coat of the amazing curl mascara for a full dramatic effect.



Additional tips:

You can use any dark colour to create a smokey eye but the most important thing is to blend out all the edges and prime your lids. You can also add a hint of shimmer or bright colour to the inner corner, middle of the lid or on a lower lashline to make a “smokey eyes with a twist”.

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Iconic 2 £4, Kajal £2, Amazing Curl £2, Eye Primer £2.50


Mix up your lip life with Makeup Revolution!

Fed up of looking for that perfect lip color? Revolution has it. We have something for to suit everyone and the look you want with our collection of subtle nudes, melting mattes, beautiful velvet’s, intense colour and moisturising #happylips.
So here we want to share with you our beautiful lip way of life!
Lip Preparation  
Prepare your lips well with some of your favorite lip balm or conditioner a few minutes before application. After a few moments remove any excess with a tissue.

Our guide on how to apply your lip colour

– To apply your chosen lip shade, place a good amount of colour onto your chosen brush (lip brush, small synthetic eye shadow brush)  or using the lipstick directly onto your lip.

– Apply your lipstick firstly to the center of the upper lip (cupid bow) using the flat side of your brush to create an outline

– Then apply your lipstick shade to the center of your lower lip and again use your brush o help you follow your natural lip line

– Now apply your your chosen shade across the rest of the lip, working from the outer corners to the center of the upper and lower lip ensuring an even and smooth coverage.


  • Remove excess lipstick using your finger tips by gently patting the lip
  • Using a brush and taking your time will help your lip colour making it last for longer especially if you love those richer shades.
  • Illuminate your cupids bow by using one of our Vivid Baked Highlighters.
  • Want THAT RED lipstick shade we have a shade for everyone, fair skin should wear blue-red shades, olive skin go for more orange based and darker skins choose a deep red or burgundy.
  • For plumper lips add a touch of gloss to the middle part of your lips. Our Lip Power range comes with a gloss and lipstick.
  • Apply some translucent powder lightly to your lips and reapply your colour for a more matte finish.
Our Lip Collections
– We have 30 AMAZING lipstick shades and within that we have 2 limited collections all for just £1.00 each
Vamp – release your inner naughty side
Scandalous for those who dare to be different
Salvation Intense Lip laquers with intense and velvet shades – so easy to apply just glide on and have a great colour lock for that all day colour.mursalvcollection2
Lip Power are great for those who want a lipstick and gloss in one neat little package. There are 6 beautiful corresponding shades to choose from.murlippcollection-2
#happylips and that is how your lips will feel wearing this intensely moisturising lipstick. Beautiful lip shades surrounded with moisturemuramlipcollection-4

We have a shade for everyone click here  to see all our shades,you will be amazed


Guest blog post for Makeup Revolution by – Awesome Metals

When the new Awesome Metals kit from Makeup Revolution dropped through
my door I thought it looked particularly interesting. It wasn’t just a
metallic eyeshadow but it came with a little tray and a little pot of
liquid eye primer. I was intrigued.

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals2
Basically the kit allows you to make your own eyeshadow, not something
I’ve seen from a brand before, but something I was very eager to try

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals
For £4 this is a great bargain of a product, which will help you build
up a really intense and dramatic eye look. It’s really simple to do
too, you just pop a little liquid primer into the tray, literally just
one drop will do, and then pop in your pigments. The pigments don’t
really come out of the little pot without the use of a brush so make
sure you have one near by. You then just mix the pigments with the
primer and voila.

I did try out the pigments on my eye before mixing with them with the
primer and while they are pretty dramatic on their own, with the
liquid primer you can really create something bold and outstanding.
The primer will also help the pigments stay in place for longer than
they would if they weren’t mixed.

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals4
The finished look is sort of a metallic foil finish, really shiny and
eyepopping. It’s got great staying power once it dries as well and is
perfect for a special occasion or a night out. I’d really recommend
giving this a try as there are a few colours in the range to choose
from too. I tested out the Magnificent Copper version, which is a
lovely coppery/rose gold shade but I would love to give the Black
Diamond and Emerald Goddess colours a try.

This is a great little kit to have handy and I’m sure you could use
the primer with other eyeshadows/pigments to give instant drama to
your eye make-up.

This blog was written by Cherry at Follow Cherry on
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Awesome Metals Foil Eye Shadow

Fancy lightening up your make up wardrobe then try our on trend, straight of the runway Awesome Metals Foil finish eye shadows. We have 5 shades to choose from each as magnificent as the last.

  • Rose Gold– Glistening gold
  • Magnificent Copper – Pure copper
  • Emerald Goddess – Green with a hint of silver
  • Black Diamond – Black with a hint of silver
  • Pure Platinum – Striking silver

L-R Rose Gold, Magnificent Copper, Emerald Goddess, Black Diamond, Pure Silver

Pure cream in texture and a glistening foil eye shadow finish you will want them all. These shadows will transform your look in an instant from a light wash of color to a more intense look.


So how do they work? There are two easy ways to wear your Awesome Metals eye shadow

Look One

Step 1: Simply place one drop of our liquid eye primer into the tray

Step 2: Taking a small amount of your chosen Awesome Metals eye shadow using a make up brush or your finger onto the tray

Step 3: Using your brush or finger tip mix the eye shadow and primer together

Step 4: Gently apply your Awesome Metal to your eyelid and blend. Awesome metals are so versatile and easy to build to gain the depth of colour you desire. Be bold go intense shimmer for that night out.


eye shot


Look Two

Step 1: Apply primer straight onto your lids

Step 2: Now press your chosen Awesome Metals colour directly onto your eyelids using your finger tip for a more intense and opulent look.

Why not try it out as an eyeliner or a pop of sparkle to any eye look. Just follow the about steps which can also be found on the back Awesome Metals box.

Each Awesome Foil Eye Shadow comes with a liquid eye primer for long lasting colour and a mixing tray making it easy to mix and build up the desired glistening foil effect look.


Enjoy our AWESOME high intense glistening foil eye shadow, perfect for day or night, and with summer nearly here great for those summer parties an festival season.

Cost: £4.00

Size: 1.5g


The perfect everyday look with Iconic 3

The Redemption Pallette Iconic 3 is our most popular pallette with warm colour hues to suite all eye colours. Iconic 3 delivers in so many ways giving you the most popular high intensity matte and shimmer shades.
Here is a quick 6 step look we created using 4 shades.
Re-create the look –
Step 1 – prep your eyelid with our focus and fix eye primer original. This is a fantastic primer to help your look stay with you through out your day or night.
Step 2 – Using a large sized eye shadow brush apply shade 1 as a wash of colour all over your eye lid taking it up to the brow bone. This colour is a perfect matte shade to even out your eyelid ready for colour application.
Step 3 – Taking a small eye shadow brush apply shade 2, a beautiful rose pink shimmer to the inner part of your eyelid and blend out to the middle of the eye, we will apply this later also to the underneath of the eye. If you choose to you can do that now.
Step 4 – Next apply Shade 7 a lovely matte cappuccino hue to the eye lid starting from the outer edge in, taking a blending brush blend into the socket line looking straight ahead and to your mid eye point and blend until even and you have the desired effect. Build colour in stages and blend. Apply underneath the lashline to help create subtle definition.
Step 5 – Final shade applied was 11 a deep. This was applied in small amounts bit by bit over shade 7 and blended through to add depth to the middle and outer corner of the eyelid. Always blend in light circular motions this will help erase any harsh lines and the light to dark colours melt into each other. With a small blender brush continue the colour to the outer part of the lash line.
Step 6 – Using shade 2 apply using a small flat eye shadow brush or angled brush to the the inner corner and lash line of your eye to just before the mid point of your eye. Now from the other end apply in a similar way shade 11.
Final touches, apply mascara and the look is complete. Going out? Then vamp it up using shade 12 as step 5 and add more of shade 2 to the inner corners.
You will never go wrong with our Iconic palettes!
Iconic 3 palette is just £4!

The One Foundation – Comparison Charts!

The One Foundation – a revolution in offering a comprehensive range of foundations for all skin tones!

We have 16 shades to choose from and with help and suggestions from our lovely bloggers, customers and makeup artists – we have compiled this list of comparison shades for you to be able to select the shade for you!

Just to note this is for guide only! Please also refer to the swatches here !


If you know of any other matches that may help other people make sure you comment below!

The One Foundation price : 4.00
Size: 29ml
Buy them on our website or on Superdrug website

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment and share your The ONE Foundation look via our Twitter @makeup_rev and Facebook page 

The One Foundation is here – A revolution in offering a comprehensive range of foundation for all skin tones

The ONE Foundation

Say ‘hello’ to The ONE Foundation; the super lightweight fluid foundation that is so fine in texture,  it simply glides effortlessly over your skin leaving you with smooth, natural  matte finish. You are going to be AMAZED!

It’s so easy to apply, and blend into your skin. This fine fluid has been designed as a build-able foundation, allowing you to gain the coverage and tone you want easily. Go from a fresh no make up look to full coverage without your skin feeling tight and heavy, all due to our revolutionary fusion technology making The ONE Foundation effortless smooth.

We have 16 shades to choose from, amazing right! So no more shopping around or paying more, as there will be a shade here for you. We understand skin tone, your skin tone and have developed hues for those beautiful pale skin tones (shade 1, 2) through to rich darkest of skin tones (shade 16). Shop all the shades here! 

Fancy warming it up or cooling it down? Now you can so easily with our two tonal hues.  Use shade 1 to cool and shade 10 to add some warmth.

The ONE Foundation is perfect for normal, combination and oily skin tones

Need to cover dark circles or blemishes? Try our The One Concealer.  Its so smooth in application due to its hydrating properties it wont crease and provides fantastic coverage just where you need it. The ONE concealer come in 3 shades – Light, Medium and Dark.


– Prep your skin with your chosen moisturiser and primer
– Shake The One Foundation bottle well before use
– Gently dispense your chosen shade of The One Foundation on the back of your hand. Remember this is a lightweight fluid foundation!
– Simply apply your chosen shade(s) either with your finger tips or foundation brush all over the face or just to the areas that need evening out and build up as required on any area you would like some extra coverage
– It is so easy to build up coverage from day to night when required, still giving you a natural even and smooth finish. No heavy or cake faces felt here because it is so lightweight

– Apply The ONE Concealer
murtheonefcollection-3 murtheonecollection

The One Foundation price : 4.00
Size: 29ml
The One Concealer price : £3.00
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The Makeup Revolution has begun …



We Are SHADE. For everyone skin tone, and all of the shades!

We Are INCLUSIVE. Anyone and Everyone can join the REVOLUTION.







Makeup Revolution launched in London in March 2014 delivering revolutionary performance and quality, in every product at revolutionary prices. Made with the finest ingredients, the range starts at an amazing £1, with a range of professional and must have products with limited edition collections – you can finally afford them all!

revolution in offering a comprehensive range of foundation and face products for all skin tones – from fair to dark, from yellow to pink tone – every shade has been covered, there is a shade and formulation for everyone at a price everyone can afford.

A revolution in offering the VERY latest trends and NEW fast.

With 300 affordable and desirable products in the range (so far!) collect them all, shop the trend and ensure you have the essentials from the range.

Born of passion …watch out makeup world.. The Makeup Revolution has begun



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